Solo instrument
It will never, ever...
 This solo cello work was written in 1990. It has had numerous performances.
 Program note: It will never, ever... is a very personal composition. Written when I was experiencing many changes in my life, not the least of which was leaving the Southern U.S. for Canada, the fragmented nature of the work reflects an uncertainty, as well as a mix of excitement and fear. The work is extremely demanding for the cellist with sudden interruptions of melodic line, rapid passages and extreme register leaps. It will never, ever... won the Mu Phi Epsilon International Composition Competition Category III in 1991.
 "..revealed soaring lines combined with delicate nuances. It was piece of great contrasts, fascinating melodic and harmonies and several extraordinary passages." Sally Reid, The IAWM Journal, 1992
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It's just another puzzle
 Solo soprano saxophone work incorporating some improvisation. Uses the entire range of the instrument, otherwise not extremely difficult. Approximately 7'.
 Performed by Darcy Fiander (Nova Scotia, Boston 1997)


Solo piano work, moderately difficult but has been performed by a University level student. Approximately 5'30", the single movement contains both gestural sections and a contrasting lyrical section.

Published in Kick Up Your Heels
Pine Grove Music, P.O. Box 38, Crapaud, Prince Edward Island C0A 1J0 Canada

 The work has been performed by Peter Allen (Nova Scotia, 1995- 1996), by Michael Gurt (1996, Louisiana), and by Rosalind Rossi (Dalhousie University, 1999)

Some Places More Than Others
 Suite for piano solo, each movement a short, "description" of an American city (Lynchburg, VA; Washington, DC; Memphis, TN). Approximately 8-10 minutes in total length, the movements can be performed alone. Difficulty varies from Advanced Intermediate student to Advanced student, depending on the movement.
 Performed by Don Freund (Melbourne, Australia, 1991), and Barbara Pritchard (Halifax, 2001)

And Through the North Passage
 For organ, written in 1991 and performed at the University of Memphis (John David Peterson, 1993), and St. Mary's Basilica, Halifax, Nova Scotia, (Andrew Ager, 1993).
 Reviewed in the American Organist, November 1992, by Mary Ann Dodd.

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Solo instrument and piano

Darker colours
 A short, lyrical work, designed to be suitable for University students as well as professional performers.
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Dick and Jane and Mr. McGuffey
 A suite of 5 short movements about childhood: at the dancing lesson, the doll's house (flute only), the tea party, rolling a hoop (piano only), learning to read.
 Program note: When I was learning to read, the textbook used stories about Dick and Jane. "See Jane, See Jane run." My mother questioned this new text, after all, McGuffey's Reader had been good enough for students for many years. Dick and Jane and Mr. McGuffey is a series of children's games. Games perhaps from my childhood, perhaps from my mother's; or perhaps from that childhood we all appropriate as ours, once we learn to read.
  Performed by Patricia Creighton, flute; Peter Allen, piano (Nova Scotia, 1997)
Score available from the Canadian Music Centre

Says Who!
 Written for violin and piano in 1989, this work was the winner of the 1989 Memphis Composers' Alliance, Inc. Violin Composition Contest. It has been performed in Memphis, Birmingham and Halifax. It is a single movement, moderately difficult, approximately 6'
Score available from the Canadian Music Centre

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